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Last Wash starts at 9:30pm nightly


Delivery Accounts:301-928-1965


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Pick Up and Delivery Service

for your

Wash-Dry-Fold Laundry



  • We have pick up and delivery routes servicing upper Northwest DC and much of Montgomery County. Please refer to our FAQ page or call 301-928-1965 to see if we have a route in your area or if we can add your address to our routes.
  • We pick up and deliver your bulk laundry ("Wash-Dry-Fold"), and drycleaning, and pressed laundry on a schedule that is convenient for you. And you don't have to be present when we pick up or deliver.

We accept major credit cards, and businesses can qualify for monthly or semi-monthly invoicing. We also provide the convenience of on-line billing (which means we e-mail your invoice to you).

Please click here if you're interested in pick up and delivery service

for dry cleaning and pressed laundry.


Fine Living Network TV chose The Wishy Wash for their "What's Your Time Worth?" series to demonstrate to their nationwide viewing audience what a first-class laundry service is ...



Washingtonian Magazine says we're a great time-saving service for you!

And the laundry industry's prestigious magazine "The Journal" did a three page color feature on us ...


So what are you waiting for?!

Call 301-928-1965 to get started with the best laundry service in the Metro D.C. area!

No contracts, no costly service plans, no tricky 'by the bag' pricing ... just great service at honest prices. Try us once and see for yourself. You'll be glad you did!

Our washers have two wash cycles and three rinse cycles, and we always use premium quality detergents and softeners to get your clothes really clean. You're going to love the way our shrink-wrapped plastic wrap protects your clothes too!



Got Laundry?

Silmyt wishing that Jenny would put away the camera.

How do I start delivery service?

  1. Review the 'Frequently Asked Questions' page.
  2. Call 301-928-1965 to discuss your requirements, work out a delivery schedule, and set up your payment option - major credit card or (for businesses) monthly invoicing or semi-monthly invoicing.

Pick up and Delivery is great for busy people (and tired people) who just don't have enough hours in the day.

Jenny processing an order.

Give our Wash-Dry-Fold Service a try. You're going to love the freedom!


Need help shopping for a Wash-Dry-Fold Service?

Click here to check out our prices, compare them to our competitors' prices, and also get some ideas for questions you should ask when shopping around.


We separate your clothes into whites, light-colored and dark-colored loads - up to three separate washers are included in our standard prices. If we need to add a fourth washer to clean items like rugs or cleaning cloths, we'll charge separately for them.

We handle your clothes separately from everyone else's (we never put your clothes in machines with anyone else's clothes).

We wash your laundry the same way we wash our own - which means that we use premium quality detergents, bleaches, and softeners.

We fold your clothes and wrap them in shrink-wrapped plastic bundles - separated as much as possible by adults' clothes, children's clothes, linens, etc. to make things easier when you put the clothes away.



"Thanks so much. I really appreciate your service! It's been a lifesaver for me." ....(Email from MW, a busy lady with more laundry than time)


Sandra ... You're supposed to wash the clothes, not take a nap on them!

If you decide to schedule regular pick ups, we'll leave laundry bags for you to hold your laundry and dry cleaning for the next pick up.

You can leave the bags to be picked up on your doorstep and we'll return your clean laundry there too.

"THANK YOU so much!! You saved my sanity!!! "

.(Email from JA ... a very nice lady with a broken washer)

Amparo putting away a WDF order.

As you will see from the charts below, we charge "by the pound" for most laundry, but some items have to be handled separately, so we charge separately for them. We always weigh your clothes twice - before and after processing them - to be sure that we have the right weight and that we're returning the same volume of laundry that you gave us.

These prices apply to orders that we pick-up and deliver at your residence.
















(12+ hours)


Per Pound


Per Pound


Per Pound

$12.00 Each
$14.00 Each
$16.00 Each

**Overstuffed Comforters or Comforters with feathers: Add $3.00 to prices.

Other Items That Are Processed and Priced Separately

These prices apply for all orders - at the laundromat and pick up/delivery.

Prices effective March 13, 2010

Bed Covers, Blankets, and Lightweight Quilts
Per Pound Price + $2.50 per item
Cleaning items that might have been exposed to strong chemicals in kitchen or bathroom
Cost of washer and dryer if a 4th washer/dryer is required.
Mattress Covers
Per Pound Price + $2.50 per mattress cover
Quilts (Heavyweight)
Twin $9.00
Full/Queen $12.00
King $13.00
Sleeping Bags
(Add $3 for feathers)
Small $12.00
Medium $14.00
Large $16.00
Bathroom Set (rugs and toilet seat covers)
Cost of Machines +$3.50
Rugs (Throw)
(Add $1.00 for rag rugs)
........ 1 Only
Cost of Machines +$3.50
........ 2 or more
$3.50 - $4.50 each
(Add $1.00 for feathers)
........ 1 Only
Cost of Machines +$3.50
........ 2 or more
$3.00 - $4.00 each


I took this picture ten years ago - back when Massiel was 15 and the van didn't have any dents in it.

All Pricing on This Page Includes
  • Pick up & Delivery
  • Washers & Dryers
  • Premium Detergents, Bleaches, & Softeners
  • Limited Stain Treatment
  • Folding and Shrink-wrapped Packaging
All of our attendants will give your laundry the same attention that they give their own laundry. One phone call will do it! (301-928-1965)

Basic Information for Delivery Customers

Please also see the FAQ Page for more information.



301-928-1965 is for you (a pick up and delivery customer).

  • Call this number to set up your account and to schedule pick-ups.
  • When you set up your account you can elect to have regularly scheduled pick-ups, or you can choose to call whenever you want service.
  • If you choose to call when you want service, just leave a voice mail to schedule your pick up. We will put you on the schedule and do the pick up. We will not call you back to confirm (unless there's a problem).
  • You can schedule or cancel same-day pick ups or deliveries by phone as long as our vehicle hasn�t already passed your neighborhood.


We generally check e-mail once per day, before 7:30am.

  • Use e-mail to schedule or cancel pick ups ahead of time, to change schedules, ask questions, or whatever, but be aware that if you send an e-mail after 7:00am, we probably won't see it until 7:00am the next day.
  • If you have a 'same-day' issue, please call 301-928-1965.


We send invoices by e-mail, usually on the Monday following your delivery date.

Missed pick ups or Deliveries

  • If you miss a pick up, we will return to your address on your next scheduled pick up date.
  • You can request that we come earlier, but our service is route-based, and our route is probably in your neighborhood on only two days per week.
  • We suspend your scheduled service if you miss two consecutive pick ups, so that we don't charge Empty Run fees indefinitely. You can reschedule service by sending e-mail to or by calling 301-928-1965.

Changes to Schedules

  • To cancel a pick up before your scheduled day, you can send e-mail to or call 301-928-1965.
  • To cancel a pick up on your scheduled day call 301-928-1965 as early as possible. You avoid an empty run fee if you call before our vehicle heads for your address.

Holiday Schedules

Holidays often require changes to our pick up and delivery routines. For your convenience, we always publish holiday changes to schedules at at least two weeks ahead of time.

Empty Run Fee

We charge a $10 fee if we come to your address and, through no fault of our own, we can not complete a pick up or delivery. The most common example of an empty run is when a customer forgets to put out the laundry before leaving for work, and also forgets to call and cancel the pick up.


The two most common surcharges are the Minimum Charge Adjustment and the Fuel Surcharge.

  • The Minimum Charge is $19 for wash-dry-fold or $25 for drycleaning without wash-dry-fold. We add a Minimum Charge Adjustment if you don't meet the minimum.
  • Fuel Surcharges apply when the cost we pay for fuel is $2.00 or more per gallon. The fuel charge is $0.50 per pick up or delivery (or $1.00 round trip) when gas costs $2.00; it increases to $0.60 when gas reaches $2.50; and so on. The fuel surcharge is per trip, not per pound. Please see fuel surcharge for more info.

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