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The Wishy Wash Laundromat

635 East University Boulevard

Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

Your Friendly Neighborhood Laundromat


We are sad to announce that on November 23, 2015, after 16 years of operation,  we closed The Wishy Wash Laundromat location at  635 East University Blvd in Silver Spring, MD. We thank all of you who patronized our business over the years and made The Wishy Wash such a success. Thank you ... we are going to miss you.

Please keep reading if you are interested in setting up a delivery account!

We transferred all of our delivery business to our former Operations Manager, Ms. Daisy Avelar, who is now the proud owner of Wishy Wash Too!

You can contact Daisy at Wishy Wash Too by calling 301-975-7005 or sending e-mail to daisy@wishywashtoo.com or wishywashtoo@gmail.com.

The new website is www.wishywashtoo.com.

Anita, Jackie, Jessie, Silmyt, Daisy, Jenny
Anita, Jackie, Jessie, Silmyt, Daisy, Jenny


Wishy Wash Too is as close as you're ever going to get to Wishy Wash! The employees are all from The Wishy Wash - the same people who have been handling our customers' clothes for years!

Daisy Avelar, Owner of The Wishy Wash Too, has been part of our Wishy Wash family for almost eight years; she has been an important part our processes, customer service, and culture of quality - which is why I'm completely comfortable turning over the reins to her. 

  • Wishy Wash Too is the only company I endorse and am recommending for your pickup/delivery service of Wash-Dry-Fold and Dry Cleaning.

  • Claims of my approval or implied claims of my endorsement by any other company seeking your business are not authorized by me.

Rick Mollica | Owner, Wishy Wash Laundromat

Customers who left unclaimed clothes at the laundromat can arrange to retrieve them by calling 301-928-1965 or sending e-mail to info@wishywash.com until December 15, 2015 .